Refined Palm Oil / palm olein


Refined palm oil / palm olein - is an alternative material for biodiesel production.
Palm olein has become wide-spread as highly profitable, economic frying oil , highly-resistant to oxidation, as compared to rapeseed and common sunflower oil. It is used for production of spreads, ice-cream, margarine, pastry (biscuits, candy fillings, wafers, cookies, ginger bread ), as oil for deep-frying, and for instant foods (chips, potato, nuts, noodles and bouillon cubes.

General specifications of palm olein:
Taste and odor — non- identifiable
Frree fatty acids content – max 0,05%
Peroxide value – max 1,0 mmol О/kg
Stability 120 degrees Centigrade – max 10 hrs (Rancimat)
Olein fatty acid content – max 40%
Palmitic fatty acid content of – max 40%